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Canadians have never stopped tuning into radio. Always accessible, radio reaches into the heart of communities with news, insight, entertainment, companionship and a soundtrack for life.

Adults spend close to 1/3 of their daily media time with radio. Radio reaches 91% of adults 18+ every week, second only to TV.

Busy, mobile Canadians are particularly strong radio listeners because of its accessibility while they are on the go – at work, driving, relaxing at home or using the internet.

Radio’s relevance to today’s lifestyle is reflected by the fact that the following groups are reached better by radio on a daily and weekly basis:

§  Working adults, especially owners, managers and professionals

§  Women with kids and teens at home

§  Adults 25-54 with over $75,000 annual household income

§  Adults with post-secondary education

Radio’s reach and daily presence provide competitive edge

§  Because consumers spend a significant part of their day listening to radio, it delivers higher adult reach than newspaper and TV in all day parts from early morning to early evening. (Source: BBM-RTS Fall 09)

§  This ongoing, daily presence in the marketplace is key to creating a competitive edge enabling advertisers to stand out amongst the increasing volume of consumer-targeted messages.

§  Radio’s cost-efficiency allows advertisers to be heard not only every day, but multiple times throughout the day. This average frequency is critically important for quickly delivering advertising response – web visits, store traffic, sales, brand recall and intent-to-purchase.


Radio offers a unique environment for engaging consumers

Get personal
Radio is a one-on-one medium. Listeners tune in regularly in their own personal space, developing a relationship with the stations that reflect their tastes and lifestyle. They listen to programming that is live and spontaneous; its tone genuine and its ambience intimate.

Current research shows that listeners see radio as “speaking to me” and trust the information they hear, finding credibility and relevance in both the programming and the advertising. They feel more emotionally connected to radio, and to their community through radio, than with any other media.

Radio is therefore a powerful marketing tool for speaking directly to consumers from various lifestyle segments.

It’s a proven results-driver for brands and businesses that “speak the language” of their target audience(s). Advertisers can effectively engage the right consumers with memorable conversations, stories and experiences through the right tone-of-voice and attitude – an ideal fit for the radio environment.

Get local
Radio is a local medium – an information and entertainment source that is central to each community’s culture and activities – from major news, entertainment and sporting events to the smallest community initiatives that bind people together in a common cause.

In fact, radio stations contribute millions of dollars each year to supporting charitable and other local causes that are important to their community of listeners. And listeners respond in droves, demonstrating their unique connection to the radio stations that serve their communities.

Marketers can become a part of a community’s way of life through radio, which offers a unique local flavour, tone of voice, and presence within communities across the country. Radio is a powerful medium for advertisers that want strong engagement with consumers.

Capitalize on low ad avoidance
Listeners’ personal connection to their radio stations results in less ad avoidance than any other medium


Listener loyalty is further demonstrated by 2006 research that tracks listener-tuning during commercial breaks. On average, 92% of listeners stay tuned during the commercials.


Sound engages listeners in a powerful way

§  Sound is a powerful form of engagement.

§  Think of the role of music in our lives. It is a universal language evoking feelings and memories that stay with us for a lifetime. It is an influential part of our society, and through the ages has come to represent the culture and mores in every area of the world, in every era of time.

§  Similarly, the spoken word – stories passed down through the ages – create unique, memorable connections between people. Today verbal stories have no less impact and undoubtedly explain radio’s ongoing viable role in current society.

§  Marketers that leverage sound to its full advantage, create a unique bond with their target consumers, and gain competitive edge in the marketplace.

Radio delivers precise targeting to the right consumers

§  The local aspect of radio offers advertisers tremendous flexibility to target the consumers that are most important to reaching their business goals.

§  Priority markets and consumer groups
The ability to use radio by priority market, and to concentrate on specific types of consumers through various radio station formats, adds to the efficiency of an advertising campaign. Radio enables emphasis on markets with significant business challenges or opportunities, and an opportunity to target by age, income, gender, lifestyle characteristics, and radio-listening preferences of each station’s audience.

§  Targeting at the right time
Radio is a highly effective and efficient medium for targeting mobile listeners while they are likely to be in the market for a specific product or service, for example meal options on the drive home, retail advertising while people are out and about close to the point of sale, beer advertising prior to holidays and during weekends. The options are plentiful.

§  Targeting through creative
Targeting is further strengthened through carefully-designed creative that fits the station’s brand profile, programming and tone of voice, and “speaks the language” of the selected radio format's listeners.

§  Radio affordably allows multiple creative executions enabling marketers to optimize engagement and to ensure that campaigns are interesting and memorable.

Creative radio solutions build interaction with consumers

§  Radio has always engaged its listeners on and off-air, gaining consumers’ attention and share-of-mind at local and contest-prize events, community festivals and grand store openings to name a few. Here consumers connect not only with the station’s brand, but with advertisers that sponsor, sample and become an integral part of the activity.

§  Today, radio’s level of engagement with audiences is growing exponentially with new platforms like the web, online podcasting, mobile communication and email marketing to stations’ listeners.

§  Creative, integrated radio solutions abound, utilizing on and offline tools such as promotions, endorsements, sponsorships, spot campaigns and integration with programming.

§  This multi-faceted approach to radio drives a deep engagement with target consumers, builds a strong connection to advertisers’ brands, and ultimately enhances recall, intent to purchase and sales



*source www.rmb.ca

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