Tuesday, 01 October 2013 19:42 Rick Malo
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We had one last stop in Victoria before heading back to Seattle for the flight home. A beautiful city with a huge marina, the parliament buildings, the place where Terry Fox had intended to end his Marathon of Hope, and back to our ship. We canít say enough about YMT Vacations. Everything was prepared, executed and service provided with a smile at every turn...not one glitch in the entre 13 days.....quite the accomplishment. We had an amazing group to travel with and made some fantastic new friends from all over the listening area. If another one of these trips comes about, we hope YOU can join us. I firmly believe all those who came with us this time had fun....and to those that did....THANK YOU for your wonderful company. Carol and I very much enjoyed meeting you all and sharing this great adventure.


Monday, 30 September 2013 07:52 administrator
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Salmon Bake

We ate lunch at a replica mining camp just outside of Skagway complete with all the amenities, saloon, brothel, fancy goods store, barber tent, sleep tents, wagons....and the best salmon I've ever had....all cooked over an open fire. our bus driver/guide was a former marine who lived there with his family all year round. When they wanted to buy fancier clothes or go the the movies, it was a 100 mile drive to Whitehorse. If it wasn't in the household budget, you didn't go that month. In the winter, they have sustained winds of 40-50 miles per hour almost every day.

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Friday, 27 September 2013 09:38 Rick Malo
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On the way to Skagway, the captain took this huge cruise ship down a 1,000 foot deep fjord to see the Sawyer Glacier. The scenery was spectacular. Took a load of photos in this area....breathtaking to say the least. Tall rocks and trees on either side and too many glacier fed waterfalls to count. Quite a treat to see this first hand. Magazines, tv shows, and photos cannot do it justice.

Friday, 27 September 2013 02:41 Rick Malo
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Juneau..the capital city

Another scenic town nestles near the water with plenty of boats and even more fog. Lots of shopping here...and again, a ton of jewellery stores.(they LOVE cruise ships) Huge clothing/souvenir store, modern visitor centre, long main drag, and the grey building is the new library right at the water. Population is about 30,000 but has a small downtown area. However, it gets the job done for all the tourists. We heard that the jewel merchants head home after the tourist season so the population drops a bit in winter.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 12:18 Rick Malo
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Mendynhall Glacier

This is one big ice cube!!! This is a huge glacier about 30 mins outside of Juneau. The water in front is ice cold and you can find small icebergs floating in the lake. A very busy tourist spot. You can go right up to the front of the glacier IF you had the time....itís a bit of a walk.

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