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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 07:17 MH
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Manchester police say they have made three more arrests in connection with Monday's bombing at a concert by American pop star Ariana Grande that killed 22 people and wounded 59.

The arrests come as police try to determine whether suicide bomber Salman Abedi acted alone when he set off his explosives at the end of the concert at a Manchester arena.

The government had raised the threat to “critical,” its highest level, following an emergency Cabinet session Tuesday night.


Health officials in Manchester, England have raised the number of wounded in Monday's deadly concert bombing, saying 119 people sought medical treatment at the city's hospitals after the suicide attack.

They say the raised toll includes the “walking wounded” who came in hours after the attack that killed 22 people.

They say 64 people are still hospitalized, and add many have serious wounds that will require very long-term care and support in their recovery.


British Prime Minister Theresa May is chairing a meeting of her emergency security cabinet, known as Cobra, in the wake of Monday's suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena that killed 22 people after an Ariana Grande concert.

Today's Downing Street meeting is dealing with intelligence reports about the investigation into bomber Salman Abedi.

Police and intelligence agencies are trying to determine if he was part of a network that may be planning further attacks.

France's interior minister says the British-born suicide bomber is believed to have travelled to Syria and had proven links with the Islamic State group.

(The Canadian Press)


OCC Urges Study Before Province Approves Workplace Review

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 07:14 MH
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The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is calling on the government not to act on recommendations for workplace changes without first studying their economic impact.

The Changing Workplaces Review contains 173 recommendations that aim to create better workplaces with decent working conditions and widespread compliance with the law.

The recommendations include ensuring part-time, temporary and casual employees are paid the same as full-timers for the same work, extending the right to unpaid personal emergency leave -- but not paid sick days -- to all employees.

However, business owners argue major changes to the province's labour laws could have a negative impact on the province's economic recovery and lead to job cuts.

(The Canadian Press)


Efficiency Standards Holding Up Oxford Boundry Adjsutment

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 07:09 MH
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Are Ontario municipalities over reaching their powers when it comes to setting energy targets for new home construction? The Residential Construction Council thinks so. They sought a legal opinion on whether the City of Toronto’s Green Standard for buildings was beyond the legislative authority granted to the City. The legal opinion states that changes to the provincial Building Code address energy standards and the powers of a municipality are limited to administration and enforcement, not standards. It also notes that the OMB has ruled in some cases that the energy efficiency impact of new home construction is general in nature and does not get into technicalities and specifics. New energy efficiency standards are part of the ongoing boundary adjustment talks among the Township of South-West Oxford, Ingersoll and Woodstock. The Council is an industry association for new home and small apartment builders in Ontario



Middlesex Wants In On InfoTech Services

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 07:02 MH
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Middlesex County is looking to join with the province when it comes to purchasing Information Technology goods and services. The province is allowing some municipalities to join with their Vendor of Record program which will give Middlesex a much broader range of suppliers to choose from. According to a report presented to Council, municipalities that focus solely on dollar amounts can limit the number of vendors who will respond to requests for proposals or tenders. The dollar first approach can also mean lower quality equipment. The County’s lawyer says that the government can do this because the system used by the province is fair in opportunity, treatment and process.


Survey Says....Middlesex County Women Like Surveys

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 07:00 MH
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When it comes to municipal surveys in Middlesex County, females are more than twice as likely to respond as their male counterparts. The County sent out a Resident Life Survey to find information about residents including what attracted them to Middlesex, why they stay and what would cause them to leave. A good place to raise children and family was the number one reason for moving to Middlesex, with being closer to family and friends a close second. The survey revealed that an increase in crime rate would be the leading motivator to get the people to leave. Although the 2011 census put the population split at 50-50, 69% of the Resident Life Survey respondents were women, with 30% of men revealing how they felt.


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