Elliot Concedes

Monday, 12 March 2018 08:21 MH
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The new leader of Ontario's beleaguered Opposition is no longer being challenged by his main rival.

Doug Ford met with Christine Elliott on Sunday, after he narrowly beat her out for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party.

In a statement Sunday acknowledging Ford's victory, Elliott said she is “confident in the results” of the election.

Elliott initially disputed Saturday's results, alleging they stemmed from “serious irregularities” in the vote and pledging to investigate further.

Ford brushed off her allegations yesterday, suggesting he was more concerned about toppling Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government in the June election.

(The Canadian Press) 


Auto-Insurance Rip-Off

Monday, 12 March 2018 08:19 MH
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An investigation by a Canadian insurer has uncovered what it calls pervasive fraud among auto body shops.

Aviva Canada says body shop workers deliberately damaged vehicles, installed used parts but billed for new ones, or invoiced for phantom repairs.

For its investigation, Aviva simulated typical fender-bender situations by deliberately crashing 10 passenger cars.

Experts detailed the damage and estimated repair costs, then kitted out the cars with hidden cameras and put them on Toronto-area highways to see what happened.

Aviva says some fraud occurred in nine of the 10 cases, and more than half the total costs billed for repairs turned out to be bogus.

The company says governments must step in by, for example, forcing insurance companies to share information on fraud they uncover.

(The Canadian Press)


Fatal Helicopter Crash in NYC

Monday, 12 March 2018 08:18 MH
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Five people are dead after a helicopter crashed into New York City's East River.

Police say all five were passengers on the helicopter, which was being chartered for a photo shoot. It went down Sunday evening near Gracie Mansion, the Mayoral residence.

A sixth person -- the pilot -- was able to free himself and was rescued by a passing tugboat. He is said to be talking with authorities.

Police and fire department divers pulled the bodies of the five passengers from the helicopter.

Video posted on twitter shows a red helicopter land hard in the water and then flip on its side as its rotors beat the water.



Barn and House Fires

Monday, 12 March 2018 08:16 MH
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The Fire Marshall has been called in to investigate a house fire in Strathroy.

The 6,500 square foot home, located on Charlton Line, was reduced to rubble overnight Saturday. The occupant were not home at the time of the blaze and there were no injuries.

Meanwhile, no injuries were reported after a barn fire in Park Hill Saturday morning. The barn, located on Grand Bend Road, north of Mark Settlement Road, was clear of livestock and equipment. The investigation into the cause is also ongoing.



Arrest Warrant Issued

Monday, 12 March 2018 08:13 MH
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A week after community protest over suspected drug activity started a police investigation, Six Nation's Police have seized a home and have issued an arrest warrant.

Police executed a search of the home on Cayuga Road Friday evening and removed 4 individuals, there is no word on charges against them.

Police also searched a property on 6th Line Road, seizing a number a guns.

49 year old Brett Elliot was reportedly at the second location but was gone when police arrived.

Elliot, who has a number of outstanding warrants, was identified as being armed when confronting the protestors last week.

A police presence is expected at the Cayuga Road property as the investigation continues.

An elementary school next door is expected to reopen after March break. It had been closed all of last week while police investigated.



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