Slew of weather-related crashes in Perth

Monday, 11 January 2016 09:55 JW
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Perth County OPP have had their hands full with a slew of weather-related collisions.
Between Friday night and this (Monday) morning, officers were called to 31 collisions in the Stratford, St. Marys, Mitchell and Listowel areas.
In one collision, police say a delivery truck driver went too fast in a roundabout, failed to negotiate the circle and ended up in a field.
Another driver made a u-turn in bad fog near Shakespeare and collided with a pickup truck.
Most of the other drivers ended up in ditches when the rain turned to snow and roads iced up.
There were no serious injuries

Rebates for toilets, washing machines

Monday, 11 January 2016 09:25 JW
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A trip to the loo could cost less for Oxford County residents.
The County says those on municipal systems are able to apply for a cash rebate if they buy a new water efficient toilet or washing machine.
The rebate is set at 50-dollars for a toilet and 100-dollars for a washing machine but residents have to buy, install and dispose of the old models at the waste management facility.
The program began January 1st and more details are available at the County office.

Over 200-thousand rabies baits used

Monday, 11 January 2016 08:51 RR
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The province included air power in its battle against rabid raccoons.

The first raccoon with rabies was discovered early last month, and the number has now climbed to 12 -- all in the Hamilton area.

Besides dropping baits containing rabies vaccine by hand, the MNR used a helicopter and eventually a plane to carpet-bomb the area with nearly 220-thousand vaccine-laced baits.

With winter coming on, the campaign is reportedly wrapping up, but there is plenty more where that came from. The supply came from a bait bank in Guelph, where the government has stockpiled upwards of 650-thousand frozen vaccines.


Brantford, Stratford jails to re-open

Monday, 11 January 2016 08:20 JW
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Brantford and Stratford jails that were cleared of inmates last week will be filled up again.
With a strike averted by corrections, probation and parole officers, prisoners will be returned to the Brantford and Stratford jails in the near future, according to a report.
Inmates who were moved to other provincial facilities didn’t take to the transfer too kindly and caused some minor damage to the Brantford jail.
The Brantford jail, which has been on the province’s hit list for years, was closed temporarily when the prisoners were sent to other centres.

Business-as-usual at London jail

Monday, 11 January 2016 08:08 JW
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It’s business as usual at the Elgin-Middlesex Dentention Centre and other jails across the province.
A potential strike involving 6-thousand corrections, parole and probation workers was averted Saturday morning when OPSEU and the provincial Liberal government reached a tentative deal.
Union members gave up the right to strike but were declared essential workers and eligible for the same arbitration process that has given other law-enforcement employees large wage increases.
The province has also agreed to hire at least 25 new parole and probation officers and says training for about 150 new correctional officers will begin soon.
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