Where Are the Candidates Today?

Saturday, 19 May 2018 09:17 Megan
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N-D-P Leader Andrea Horwath continues a swing through northern Ontario today as she campaigns for the June 7th election in Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford is to make an announcement at a brewery in Baysville and tour the Hunstville Beer Festival.

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is taking a day off from campaigning.

Yesterday Ford promised to expand beer and wine sales to corner stores if his party wins the election.

Ontario Public Service Employees Union president Smokey Thomas says putting alcohol next to milk sends the wrong message to children and youth and calls the promise -- quote -- utterly stupid and irresponsible.

(The Canadian Press)


Think Safety When Out On Water This Weekend

Saturday, 19 May 2018 09:16 Megan
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Provincial police are reminding those heading out on boats over the long weekend to think of safety.

They say boating fatalities on O-P-P-patrolled waterways reached an eight-year high in 2017, with 31 people dying last year compared to 23 deaths in 2016.

O-P-P say falling overboard was the lead contributing factor both years, adding that the outcome could have been different for 42 of the victims who weren't wearing a properly secured personal flotation device.

They're also warning of the dangers of cold water immersion at this time of year.

(The Canadian Press)


Attempted ATM Theft Woodstock

Saturday, 19 May 2018 09:15 Megan
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Police in Woodstock are looking for suspects who used a truck to rip an A-T-M out of a bank.

They say the thieves struck early yesterday, hooking a chain onto the banking machine and then using a flatbed tow truck to pull the A-T-M off its floor mounts and through the front doors of the bank.

Police say officers interrupted the break and enter and the suspects left the truck and the A-T-M behind and fled in a second vehicle.

They say the bank sustained significant damage.

(The Canadian Press)


Laser Strike on Helicopter Woodstock

Saturday, 19 May 2018 09:13 Megan
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OPP are asking for assistance in locating someone who pointed a laser at an OPP patrolled helicopter.

On Thursday evening, an OPP helicopter was looking for a wanted person in Woodstock when it was struck by a laser while in flight. The crew responded appropriately to avoid the laser strike and no one was injured.

According to Transport Canada, lasers pointed at aircraft's are on the rise. In 2016, there were 500 incidents in Canada.

Police would like to remind the public that this is a criminal offence and offenders could be charged and face fines of up to 100 grand, 5 years in prison or both.


Kitchener Woman Charged With Trafficking Meth

Saturday, 19 May 2018 09:11 Megan
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A 33 year old Kitchener woman is facing charges after she was allegedly trafficking crystal meth into a Milton prison.

The investigation began back in march, where police got a tip that meth was somehow getting into the Maplehurst Correctional Complex.

Staff at the prison believe that the letters sent to inmates were infused with the drug and when police seized the letters for investigation, it was confirmed that they did in fact contain traces of the drug.

The investigation is continuing.


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