Woman Dies After Lengthy Fight For Medical Assisted Death

Thursday, 10 August 2017 15:52 Megan
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A chronically ill Ontario woman who went to court in a bid to clarify Canada's laws around ending lives with medical assistance has died.

Dying with Dignity Canada says the woman known in court documents only as AB made use of the legislation last week and died with a doctor's assistance while surrounded by her family.

The advocacy group says the 77-year-old had suffered from osteoarthritis for more than 30 years.

Dying with Dignity says the woman had previously tried to end her life with medical assistance twice this year, but doctors grew fearful of criminal prosecution and backed out of the arrangement.

AB went to court seeking both closure on her own case and broader clarification on the legal requirements to qualify for medical assistance in dying.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell ruled in June that AB did in fact qualify for assisted dying, and clarified some of the key criteria for future cases.

(The Canadian Press)

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