Solar Eclipse Today

Monday, 21 August 2017 06:48 MH
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There will many eyes on the skies today as a solar eclipse will partially block out the sun for most of North America. The US will get the best show with many states experiencing a total eclipse.

Here in Southern Ontario, a partial eclipse is the best we can hope for, it's expected to begin around 1:00 pm, peak around 2:30 and be all wrapped up around 4. Viewing parties are being held right across the continent. You are reminded to use special eclipse sunglasses to view the celestial event, or risk serious eye injuries.

Windsor is closing its six outdoor pools this afternoon because of the eclipse.

The city's aquatics manager says it's a precautionary move due to the fact swimmers would be unlikely to resist looking up at the sky, even without protective eyewear.

Morning and evening swimming hours will not be affected.

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