Oxford County Water Main Flushing Schedule

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 09:41 MH
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It's getting to be that time of year again in Oxford County. Starting at the end of the month, Public Works will begin flushing water mains to get rid of mineral build-up.

Ingersoll, you're up first with flushing scheduled to begin September 25th. The rest of the communities in Oxford will be done throughout October and should be wrapped up by October 23rd.

You are asked to avoid using water during the flushing which will occur during business hours, with Ingersoll's work going 24 hours. You may notice some discolouration, simply run your taps until the water clears. Any concerns should be directed to the Public Works Department.

Oxford County Water Main Flushing Schedule

Beachville October 19, 2017
Bright October 12, 2017
Brownsville October 10, 2017
Dereham Centre October 20, 2017
Drumbo/Princeton October 23-27, 2017
Embro October 13, 2017
Hickson October 20, 2017
Ingersoll September 25 October 6,2017
Innerkip October 17-18, 2017
Lakeside October 16, 2017
Mount Elgin October 11, 2017
Norwich October 16 20, 2017
Plattsville October 10-13, 2017
* Tavistock October 22 - 23, 2017


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