Oxford County Wants to Reduce Waste

Thursday, 15 March 2018 07:34 MH
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Oxford County wants to reduce the amount of trash heading to area landfills and has a innovative solution, but officials want to hear from you first.

Oxford County Public Works says Enhanced Material Recovery and Biological Treatment has become the preferred solution and has been found to recover nearly 90% of materials headed to landfills.

Enhanced Material Recovery and Biological Treatment works by separating organics in a way that allows them to be turned into bio-fuel, bio-solids and compost material.

Other things like metals, plastic and debris from construction and demolition can then be sold to scrappers or recyclers, with the goal of having about 10% of the original material ending up at the dump.

A public meeting is being held April 4th at the Oxford County admin building in Woodstock.

There are 4 public drop in meeting scheduled as well at area libraries:

March 21st in Ingersoll. April 5th in Tillsonburg. April 11th in Embro and April 17th in Princeton.


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