Greyhound Ends Service in N.Ont and W.Canada

Tuesday, 10 July 2018 07:29 MH
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The end of Greyhound bus service across western Canada is the latest in a string of decisions that have left many rural and northern residents with few options for public transportation.

The southern Prairies lost Via Rail service in 1990, when a line that ran through Brandon, Man., Regina and Calgary was shut down.

Then there were Greyhound cuts, such as in 2012, when the bus company stopped operating on a number of roads including Highway 2 in Manitoba.

Now, Greyhound has announced it will end all its routes in the West, save for one between Vancouver and Seattle, at the end of October.

Rick Chrest, the mayor of Brandon, Man., says it's a blow for people who don't own vehicles because there is no rail service in many areas and access to passenger airlines is limited.

Chrest is hopeful smaller private operators will step in, but that didn't happen after the 2012 cuts.

(The Canadian Press)

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