Cathy Wegner

CathyIt continues to be a new and interesting broadcasting ride for Cathy, that has come full circle here at Easy 101/Country 107-3.

Born and raised in Ingersoll in a big family among 5 brothers, Cathy landed her first full-time radio job here as fledgling news reporter.

It wasn't long before Cathy's career forayed into television, where she worked for more than 15 years as a successful anchor, host, reporter and producer. Her stops include tv stations in Wingham, Pembroke, Edmonton , Ottawa and Hamilton . Most recently, Cathy could be seen co-hosting CHCH Hamilton's Morning Live.

Finally saying a fond goodbye to broadcast news and moving back to our area to be closer to family and home, Cathy accepted an opportunity to add a new dimension to her broadcasting career as an on air personality with us. Cathy can be heard on both Country 107.3 and Easy 101. She is really enjoying this new role. She says her listeners are like friends – "Its great to just talk and share with them."

In her spare time, Cathy loves spending time with her husband and her dog, traveling, watching movies, trying new cookie recipes, painting, skiing and catching live music.

Are the experts right, about your hands?

Friday, 11 August 2017 15:28 Cathy Wegner
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Researchers say our fingers tell a lot about our activity level. For example, if your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you might be content to spend your spare time sitting and doing something relaxing. But if your ring finger is longer, you might be a mover, preferring to get up and do something that involves activity or exercise. In general, guys have a shorter index finger than their ring finger, and in gals, they tend to be the same length. Whether you are a man or woman, a longer ring finger often means there is more aggression and greater athletic ability, while the reverse is associated with stronger verbal skills. What about your hands? Are the experts right?

Cathy Wegner


Where could it be more Dull, Boring and Bland?

Friday, 28 July 2017 11:21 Cathy Wegner
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Do you live in a community that's twinned with another, in a different part of the world? It can be a mutually beneficial relationship. When I was growing up, my hometown was twinned with a town in the U.S. Every year, each town would take a turn hosting a sports weekend. Kids and adults alike would participate in track and field events, and billet with local families. Crowds came out to watch, and cheer on. People looked forward to it each year.

(photo courtesy

Here's three communities that asked themselves, what could be better than twinning? Well tripletting, naturally. And the results are Dull, Boring and Bland. That's Dull, Scotland plus Boring, Oregon plus Bland, Australia. Dull and Boring became twinned first. A Scottish woman from Dull got the idea when she passed through Boring on a cycling holiday. The relationship has boosted the profile of those places. They've called their club The League of Extraordinary Communities. Would they ever expand? Look out Ordinary, and Dreary, U.S.A... they've got their eyes on you next.




The Jacksons, ELO and Seals & Crofts in a race - who wins?

Monday, 17 July 2017 16:55 Cathy Wegner
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This summer's revamp of Battle of The Network Stars is all well and good, but does anyone remember the music version of that? In 1978 it was The Rock and Roll Sports Classic. Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, ELO, Seals and Crofts, Kenny Loggins, Anne Murray, Boston and Earth Wind and Fire, to name a few. The list also includes Sha Na Na, Marilyn McCoo & Billie Davis Jr., Helen Schneider, Leif Garrett, The Alessi Brothers, Susan Anton, Alex Carras, Michelle Phillips, Kristy McNichol, and Barbi Benton.

A warning the video quality is poor, and they're clipped badly in spots. It's too bad because this stuff is gold.

The Rock & Roll Sports Classic

The Rock & Roll Sports Classic part 2


Will you vow to go fishing, and share secrets?

Tuesday, 11 July 2017 15:27 Cathy Wegner
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Ever since Will Seaton and Ashley Schaus started dating seven years ago he knew that she and her younger sister Hannah were a kind of package deal. Ashley has always cared for her sixteen-year-old sister, who has Down syndrome and is diabetic. From day one Ashley has been up front with Will, at one time telling him that Hannah is "part of my life and if you're going to be with me, she's going to be with us." For the past seven years, Hannah has been along with Will and Ashley on most of their dates including movies, dinner and arcades. Just before he proposed marriage to Ashley, he turned to Hannah and on one knee offered her a ring, asking her to be his best friend forever. Through tears, Ashley asked Will if she was next. That's when turned to Ashley and asked her to be his wife. Everyone said yes, and the ceremonies happen this fall. Will and Ashley's wedding vows are expected to be traditional, while Will and Hannah's friendship vows will include promises to share secrets, go fishing, and take care of one another for life.

(insert sound of blowing nose into a Kleenex, here).

Cathy Wegner
Cathy Wegner
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Houston's problem can now be yours...

Thursday, 06 July 2017 23:02 Cathy Wegner
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Do you like escape rooms? Have them all figured out already? Ready for the next challenge?

A new escape room has just opened in Houston, Texas that allows you to role play, problem solve with your team, and feel like you work for NASA at the same time. The game is called "Houston, We've Had a Problem", and is modeled after the 1970 Apollo mission.

You and your team of six to 12 people are locked in the room for an hour, where you will try to solve 6 major space missions. Your goal is to get the astronauts back to earth safely.

Your smarts, your communication skills, and your ability to work as a team will all be tested.

Prop makers retrofitted authentic looking panels, consoles and simulators, especially for the room. One of the project creators said "I think they will appreciate stepping into it. Everything is accurately depicted."

The owner of Escape Hunt Houston, Jim Barcz said "When guests come out, I want them to feel like they've never been through anything like this before, that they can see the complexity of this — this is not an escape room that has locks on things — this is real technology. We want them to be wowed and see the connection to the real Apollo mission."

Houston we have a problem

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