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CathyIt continues to be a new and interesting broadcasting ride for Cathy, that has come full circle here at Easy 101/Country 107-3.

Born and raised in Ingersoll in a big family among 5 brothers, Cathy landed her first full-time radio job here as fledgling news reporter.

It wasn't long before Cathy's career forayed into television, where she worked for more than 15 years as a successful anchor, host, reporter and producer. Her stops include tv stations in Wingham, Pembroke, Edmonton , Ottawa and Hamilton . Most recently, Cathy could be seen co-hosting CHCH Hamilton's Morning Live.

Finally saying a fond goodbye to broadcast news and moving back to our area to be closer to family and home, Cathy accepted an opportunity to add a new dimension to her broadcasting career as an on air personality with us. Cathy can be heard on both Country 107.3 and Easy 101. She is really enjoying this new role. She says her listeners are like friends "Its great to just talk and share with them."

In her spare time, Cathy loves spending time with her husband and her dog, traveling, watching movies, trying new cookie recipes, painting, skiing and catching live music.

Use "embiggen" in a sentence

Thursday, 08 March 2018 16:27 administrator
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(image MentalFloss)

New words have been added to the 2018 edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary -- one of which comes from The Simpsons, and was only put on the show as a dare! The word is "embiggen". The word was completely made up by the writers and used in the motto for the town of Springfield. "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man".

Other new words being added this year include "self-care," "life hack," "dark chocolate," "mansplain," "hmm," "subtweet," and "wordie".



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If you want to feel better about yourself, then read a book

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:40 administrator
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beckham town talk
(image Beckenham Town Talk)

A study from the University of Liverpool in England found that people who crack open a good book regularly for pleasure (no textbooks, or homework.. strictly recreation here) have higher levels of self-esteem, lower levels of stress, and can cope better with difficult situations than non-readers.

By the way, more than half of the study subjects asked, referred to themselves as regular readers. About a third are what they termed "lapsed readers", people who used to read regularly, but now either rarely read or never read for lack of time or reduced enjoyment. The rest of the population, less than 10 percent, consider themselves non-readers.






Is there a song that gives you goosebumps?

Friday, 09 February 2018 17:08 Cathy Wegner
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If you get goosebumps when you hear music, research shows what you might suspect... that you are more likely to have stronger and more intense emotions. Matthew Sachs, a former Harvard undergrad, researched 20 students and said they got chills from certain music. Their brain scans showed they tended to have a denser volume of fibres that connect their auditory cortex and areas that process emotions, meaning the two can communicate better. He wants to conduct more extensive research to learn what causes the reactions, neurologically.. and from there, see how it might be applied to treatment for psychological disorders.

Sachs's findings have been published on Oxford Academic.




Do we live in the future, or what

Tuesday, 30 January 2018 22:36 Cathy Wegner
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Superbowl Sunday is drawing near. Want to watch the commercials now, instead? Companies have begun releasing some of them on line:












Does your job match your birth date?

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 18:33 Cathy Wegner
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customize tshirt
(image courtesy Customized Girl)

There's a theory that the month you were born, may make you more predisposed to a certain career path.

Britain's Office for National Statistics looked at the people's birth months of people in 19 different occupations, using information from the most recent census.

Would you say they got it right?
January: physicians and debt collectors
February: artists
March: pilots and musicians
April: fairly even spread of professions
May: politicians
June: chief executive officers
July: bricklayers, train drivers and artists
August: bricklayers
September: pro sports athlete, physicist
October: fairly even spread of professions
November: fairly even spread of professions
December: dentists




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