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Dave5I got my start in broadcasting when I was in high school at the age of 17.One day our electronics teacher told us that the local cable company was looking for a couple of camera operators.I had visions of getting my foot in the door as a cameraman and then convincing them I should try to do a close circuit radio show.Which they let me do.On Saturday nights we played music and took requests.At the same time I became a reporter for a radio station in Stratford .Covering town council meetings and sports events.Eventully I became an on air host on a partime basis at that same station.From there I went to their sister station at the time in Parry Sound.Since it was a small station, I was an on air host, copy writer and Sports Director.After two years there I went back to Stratford moving from evenings to eventually Program Director.

In 1984 I moved to Tillsonburg and in 1986 I became the Program Manager of Easy101/Country 107 3. Besides broadcasting, I sit on the board of directors with Community Living Ontario, Community Living Tillsonburg, and Norwich Merchants Jr. C Hockey Club.

Sunday Morning Memories

Doug Cooper
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This Sunday on the Sunday Morning Memories we feature Chuck Barris, Chuck Berry, Ray Davies of the Kinks and Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers. Join us Sunday morning at 9:30.


Wed. March 15, 2017

Doug Cooper
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Hope you are having a good day.  This guy was not having a great day.  A hotel guest in Milan slipped getting out of his shower and got his arm stuck in a toilet bowl . Luckily, he was able to reach his cellphone with the other hand and call rescue workers, who had to break the commode apart to free the naked victim.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for an exhibit at Pittsburgh International Airport became a ribbon-tearing ceremony. No one was able to carry scissors past security.
A man who kept pet pigeons in Liverpool, England filed for divorce because his wife was jealous of his hobby. She served four of his feathered friends for dinner — under the guise of fresh game hens.  She gave him the bird.

Tues. March 8, 2017

Doug Cooper
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A teenaged would-be bank robber must have been brandishing his weapon like Barney Fife. While holding up the Central Carolina Bank in Durham, he dropped his gun, which fired into the ceiling. The sound of the shot scared him into running off empty-handed.

Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's deputies have seen a lot of stupid crooks, but the dumbest had to be the guy who robbed a convenience store wearing a trashbag for a disguise. The bag was made from clear plastic.
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin police charged a man with endangering safety after he pushed his washing machine down the stairs ... and shot it with a .25-caliber pistol.

Tues. Feb 28, 2017

Doug Cooper
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From Muscle Shoals, Alabama,  Preston Davis was in need of some cash. So he did what many 24-year-olds would do. He asked Grandma. It was how he went about it that got him into trouble. Instead of just calling and asking, he set up an elaborate scheme. He sent photos to his grandmother showing injuries that he said had been inflicted on him by kidnappers. He then told her that they wanted $1000 for his “safe return.” Granny wasn’t so easily fooled and called the cops instead of reaching for her purse. Noticing there was no sign of the “kidnappers” in the video, police officers did some investigating and tracked down Preston, determining the whole thing was a hoax. He’s charged with first degree extortion.


From Shanghai, China, here is a classic case of high tech versus low tech. Low tech won, but the victory was short lived. This particular criminal was frustrated when he waited for what he thought was an excessively long time at a red light. So, he reached into his hip pocket, pulled out his trusty sling shot and shattered the CCTV camera monitoring the intersection. It was a direct hit and the camera lens was shattered, but not before a good image of his car and license plate was captured. Oops. He’s under arrest.


A Dutch woman approaching her 100th birthday persuaded local police to "arrest" her to fulfill an item on her bucket list.
Police said the woman, Annie, told police she is nearly 100 years old and has never been arrested, but always wanted to know what it was like to "experience a police cell from within."


Fri. Dec 24, 2017

Doug Cooper
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In Suffield Connecticut, a pair of cows escaped from their pen and caused a disturbance. After initially being able to apprehend the bovines, the cops issued a Facebook warning. They told residents not to open their doors to any “unfamiliar cattle.” They went on to say that two “suspicious males” were going door to door “trying to sell dairy products.” Somebody should told the officers that  these are cows, not bulls. Regardless of the gender mixup, the cows were rounded up without further incident.

Residents of a neighborhood in Scotland have armed themselves with hairdryers and reflective vests to combat speeding drivers.
People in the village of Hopeman posed as police officers using speed guns to prevent speedy drivers.
Members of the neighborhood have also taken other strange measures, such as propping ladders against walls to allow children to pass between back gardens rather than cross the dangerous road.
A school bus driver in Dublin, Georgia told police he always tells the truth. So when he reported a robbery at his home he gave police an honest list of the stolen items: 30 dollars, a gun and four bags of marijuana.

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