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GaryGary brings over 25 years of broadcast experience back to Country 107 3 and Easy 101. He's always looking for ways to make his show better so your day can be brighter. Gary enjoys using his sense of humour and abundance of music knowledge to get you through your day. Keep Gary on in the office, your drive and at home.







Friday, 14 October 2016 05:51 Gary Chittim
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This is the day that we have all been excitingly waiting for, for quite some time. The special food and beverages have been purchased, the schedule cleared, guests have been invited. We all don festive clothing to mark this occasion. IT'S GAME ONE OF THE ALCS. GO JAYS GO

Sign of the Times

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 06:27 Gary Chittim
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You may be in for some bad news if you have a tattoo of your zodiac sign. Scientists have discovered that the Babylonians left out one of the 13 sun constellations when they created the 12 astrological signs. Plus, not all signs have the same number of days -- there are only seven days in Scorpio while Virgo has 45. That means 86 per cent of people are wrong about their sign, but NASA is reminding people that astrology is not real.

Hey at great song from the 60's is Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In...

If you want to hear your favorite song on the 60's at 6, drop me a line at and but 60's 6 in the subject line.

Love to hear from you...

Groovy Man

Gary Chittim


Fun and Safe

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 11:47 Gary Chittim
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The Oxford County OPP would like all to have a safe and fun summer!

It is that time of year again and school children will be out on summer break.  The OPP would like to remind us to remain alert with the children being out of school, there will be an increase in pedestrian and bicycle traffic on our roads.

Motorists are reminded to;

    Drive with care, especially near parks and recreation centres
    Give bicycles space
    Slow down, and be aware of children playing near streets

Parents please remind your children to;

    Stop, look and listen before crossing the street
    Wear bicycle helmets when cycling, it is the law for those under 18 and they save lives
    Never go swimming without permission and without adult supervision


Hot dogs...

Monday, 30 May 2016 11:30 Gary Chittim
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With hot weather in the forecast, the OPP are reminding pet owners not to leave their pets unattended in motor vehicles.

On a day where the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside a vehicle parked in the shade reaches 32 degrees, and 71 degrees if the vehicle is in the sun.

Dogs and cats pant to cool themselves, but this is ineffective when they are surrounded by heat.

Owners leaving a pet in a hot car can face charges that include causing unnecessary suffering, injuring or endangering an animal, or neglect of an animal.


Donate to the Alberta Fires Appeal

Thursday, 05 May 2016 05:57 Gary Chittim
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We all have been moved by what's happening in Alberta, let's help our brothers and sisters...


Follow the link below...



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