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john biggsJohn officially started hosting morning radio shows in Halifax in 1985, but he will admit to you that he first caught the bug for morning radio while providing character voices for a morning show in St. John's, Newfoundland, in his formative years as a radio announcer two years prior to moving back to his birth city in Nova Scotia. John was hosting the all-night show, but he'd stick around to work with the station's morning show host until 9am! (Can you say sleep-deprived?)

Since then, John has stared with some disdain at alarm clocks in both Hamilton and London as well at a time of day that appears to most normal people as the middle of the night. But, hey SOMEbody has to get up early and wake the rooster, right?

John is thrilled to join the team at Easy 101, and he loved his time sitting in with Rick Malo, while Rick was performing his last few Malo in the Morning shows before riding off into the radio sunset and toward the golf-filled world of retirement. (Rick may regret giving John his cell phone number, though. John can be seen texting at all hours of the day.)

John's also a voice artist, so if his voice sounds familiar, it could be that you've heard some of his frequent radio and television work on both regional or national commercial campaigns.

In his 30-plus years of media experience, John has also been an assistant brand director, a music director, a digital content manager for station websites, as well as an occasional television host and presenter. (He also brags about having worked with Cathy Wegner before.)

Before radio became his career path, John was a professional bassist and backing vocalist with a successful Halifax-based touring and recording act, and his musical performance experience gives him a unique perspective on life as a performer, as well as a musician's view and understanding of the challenges entertainers and artists face.

He enjoys interviewing working musicians about their lives in the music industry although the word interview might be a bit misleading. They really boil down to just friendly conversations on a variety of fun topics.

John's favourite topic - and his favourite people - are his twin children, Liam and Morgan, (yep, one of each) and you will no doubt get to know them through John's eyes.

Join John Biggs for Breakfast between 5am and 10am on the Heartbeat of Southwestern Ontario, Easy 101.

Strong, by Tillsonburg's Charlotte Bolton

Friday, 12 June 2015 12:31 John Biggs
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Charlotte Bolton, an 11-year-old girl from Tillsonburg, can be a young lady of few words, according to her Dad, Scot.
He says her facial expressions often do a lot of the talking for I was very pleased when she was comfortable enough to say what was on her mind, and express through words some of the things she has had to put up with in life - things no one, particularly a sweet and charming 11-year-old girl, should ever be subjected to. 

Charlotte has a big heart. And, through her musical gifts, which Scot told me she says she felt "in her bones" from a very young age, Charlotte has managed to express - for ANYONE feeling down about having been told and being made feel like they didn't have what it takes to do anything they want to do in this life - her response, and a message. "Strong," the first of what I believe will be many songs to flow from this charming, thgoiughtful girl.

Because she has music "in her bones, and has a great music teacher in Alison Schott, Charlotte sang a verse and the chorus of "Strong" a capella on my show on Friday morning, June 12th. 

Charlotte - thank you for bringing your message to so many people. You are definitely more than strong enough.

Here's a link to the youtube video that Alison Schott provided everyone could spread the message:
Strong, by Charlotte Bolton 

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When you live in Tillsonburg, are you a Tillsonburger?

Thursday, 05 March 2015 18:09 John Biggs
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All moved in...and now to unpack. :-)

I get the occasional call while I'm on the air at Easy 101 from Madelyn, who just calls to say hi, or good morning, or tell me she liked a joke, or - as she did this morning  - "officially" welcome me to Tillsonburg.

My daughter and son love to call me a Tillsonburger. Clearly, it's because they love burgers...but what's the "real" term for residence in Tillsonburg?

Tillsonburgite? Tillsonburgian? I've asked a few people, and no one seems quite sure, so I'm going to let my kids call me a Tillsonburger for now until someone definitively tells me the proper term.

In the meantime, it's nice to be able to walk to work. I'll never miss the commute. And it's great to be a Tillsonburger.



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Christmas is here...and I want to thank you...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014 16:40 John Biggs
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First time with the new blog, and I wanted to say thank you to those of you who have welcomed me over the last couple of weeks. It has truly been a breath of fresh air for me, and I'm really happy to be a part of the Easy 101 / Tillsonburg Broadcasting family. 

It's a brand new challenge - and one of the things I'm looking forward to doing is moving to my new radio station's hometown, and becoming your neighbour! You'll hear me say "beautiful downtown Tillsonburg" on the show...and I mean it. It's such a great-looking downtown! Maybe you already realize that, or maybe you need a "new pair of eyes" to see it for you, and remind you, and tell you how nice it is. Maybe to help you fall in love with it all over again... In any case, I'm looking for a place here. The kids (I have 9-year-old boy/girl twins) are also excited about the move. Looking forward to finding the right place, where we'll be comfortable, have enough room for my too-much-stuff, and hopefully get something nice and close to the radio station - so I can maybe walk or bike to work at least half of the year.

Hey...Thanks for reading this far.

I hope - however you choose to celebrate - that you have an excellent Christmas, and you get to spend it with the most important people in your life.

I truly am excited about being here, and about saying good morning to you from the morning show on Easy 101 from 5am to 10am...and it FEELS good to be here, and that is very important to me. We'll talk again soon.  


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