Rick Malo

RickRick has been doing "morning radio" as "Malo in the morning" since 1978.He has worked the morning drive in Sudbury, Brantford and Hamilton before coming to Easy 101 in Tillsonburg in 2006.

An avid photographer and golfer, Rick has participated in various community fundraisers over the years, including hosting "The Rick Malo Charity Golf Classic" for 7 years in Sudbury, earning him "Canadian Media Personality of the Year" for the Canadian Kidney Foundation in 1992. In the same year he received the "Canada 125 Medal" from the Governor General of Canada for community service.

Besidesradio, Rick has hosted various community channel televison shows as well as weekday network talk shows for CTV and CBC in Northern Ontario.As a sports fan, he has mc'd many sports events including "The World under 18 junior Hockey Championships" and other pro and amateur events.

Rick and wife Carol have one son Rob, daughter-in-law Anne and grandson Ty, living in Sudbury.

Join Rick from 5:00 am to 10:00 am.

Tues Feb 9

Rick Malo
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Good morning....

I  noticed a number of hits on the previous blogs....THANK YOU for having a peek.  Just a reminder, the phone  number to get

information about OUR New Orleans/Caribbean trip is  not the one shown on the poster.  Our rep is at.....




Again. NO obligation on your part...they will just provide information, prices, available discounts and YOU 

decide.  They send you the info pkg and you can look it over.  This company takes care of every detail,  and if

you've travelled with us before, expect the same great service and a discount right up front.


Carol and I hope you can join us.




Mon Feb 8

Rick Malo
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Good morning.....

First of all, thanks to John Biggs for the time on the air with him this morning to promote our next YMT vacation.  It's always fun

sharing air time with him.


This time we're crosssing a couple  of things off our bucket list.....New Orleans and Western Caribbean cruise.  This is the only

YMT vacation offered in Canada this year and it's for Easy 101 listeners and friends exclusively.  YMT has taken into account

the Canadian dollar and is offering some pretty nice discounts for a limited time to make things easier..based on the pkg you

select.  We'll make stops in Montego Bay, Grand Caymen, and Cozumel.  There will tours included, optional excursions that you

can take for added cost, and leisure time to spend as you wish.  And of course, YMT makes sure YOU have nothing to worry

about from transfers, tours, luggage, and transportation.  Just call the toll free number to get all the information you

need....1-800-610-9472 and YMT will send you the pkg...NO OBLIGATION...... should you wish to join us...CALL 1-800-610-

9472, talk to the rep handling this tour and male arrangements.  Limited seats available, and some seats have been booked



Carol  and I hope you can join us.



Rick Malo
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Hi gang....


It's been a while.  I was taken off the website for a while but back for a bit.  I will be on the morning show with


John Biggs on Monday Feb 8th just after 8am to announce the next YMT trip.  I appreciate the dollar is


recovering a bit  but to  make things easier, there is a pretty good saving offered by YMT on an already


affordable trip.  I think you're going to like this one...bring sunscreen.


Talk with you Monday.


Fri Dec 4

Rick Malo
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Where's the snow????   Just askin'


Mon Nov 30

Rick Malo
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Have to tell you about a terrific weekend that happens once in a lifetime....depending on who you know I

guess.  In the fall. Carol and I volunteered to work on the political campaign of a friend of ours...our son's

brother-in-law.  He got elected!!!!  This past weekend, he was sworn in as a brand new MP.  The first oath-

taking by a new member is special and he invited his family and friends.  He lived in Ottawa for number of

years so had many friends in that city but quite a number of us drove the 6 hours in freezing rain to attend. 

Worth it???  I'll say.  It was held in one of the committee rooms, very ornate and filled with history.  The

ceremony itself was rather short but significant none the less....very special and emotional for our friend and

the entire gathering.....tons of pictures.  Very few Canadians get to attend a ceremony like that and we were

lucky to be included.  A social gathering at a local restaurant followed and he set up private tours of the

Parliament buildings the next morning.  So, we got to see a brand new MP taking the oath for the first

time....what a treat...we'll never forget it.


Thank you Paul Lefebvre, the honourable member from Sudbury for including us in YOUR special day.


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