Rick Malo

RickRick has been doing "morning radio" as "Malo in the morning" since 1978.He has worked the morning drive in Sudbury, Brantford and Hamilton before coming to Easy 101 in Tillsonburg in 2006.

An avid photographer and golfer, Rick has participated in various community fundraisers over the years, including hosting "The Rick Malo Charity Golf Classic" for 7 years in Sudbury, earning him "Canadian Media Personality of the Year" for the Canadian Kidney Foundation in 1992. In the same year he received the "Canada 125 Medal" from the Governor General of Canada for community service.

Besidesradio, Rick has hosted various community channel televison shows as well as weekday network talk shows for CTV and CBC in Northern Ontario.As a sports fan, he has mc'd many sports events including "The World under 18 junior Hockey Championships" and other pro and amateur events.

Rick and wife Carol have one son Rob, daughter-in-law Anne and grandson Ty, living in Sudbury.

Join Rick from 5:00 am to 10:00 am.


Rick Malo
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Well it's been a month since I retired.   REALLY enjoying the "sleep" thing.,,,,and  a looong Christmas visit

with our son and his family. 


Folks have asked about another

YMT trip.  I am happy to announce that there WILL be another Rick Malo YMT trip coming up in 2015 and the

destination will be announced in early Feb.  I think you're going to like this one too. 


I sincerely appreciate the influx of cards and e mail messages....I tried to anwser them all but some

hit spam filters and might not have been received on the other end.

By the way, I have been posting telepahthically over the Christmas Holidays....so if you thought of

something funny during that time.....it was me!!!


Wed Dec 10

Rick Malo
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Well, I guess this is it.  Started on Dec 10 1974 nd finishing on Dec 10,2014. I have had the privilevge if


having this job in 5 different decades.  I have received cards, calls and e mails from folks who were with me


up in Sudbury and moved to this area and still hung in there.  From Sudbury to  Brantford to Hamilton to here,


your support of "Malo in the Morning" is very much appreciated.  To all of you and your families...THANK


YOU for making my job so much fun.  I assure you that the good times certainly outweighed the bad and not


everyone can say that about their job.  It's been a treat to join you every morning and injecting some fun and


nonsense, and I appreciate you letting me into your homes to do that....right there...on top of the fridge.


Again, thank you for your support, thank you for your company in the morning...and maybe we'll see you


around....i'll miss you.




Rick Malo


Mon Nov 10

Rick Malo
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Now that we're back from Hawaii and the photos have been posted, I must thank Rob Avey, our webmaster,

and Elizabeth Goble from our sales dept. for doing a great job in receiving and posting those photos on our

website and face bookpage  We received rave reviews on the quick postings from our listeners.  Their efforts

are very much appreciated by all those on the trip....great job folks!!!


tues Oct 14

Rick Malo
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Something else to remember for those coming to Hawaii.  Make sure you let your credit  card and debit card

banks now that you will be in these areas.  That way they will know that your card wasn't stolen and used

without your knowledge.....it's a free service.


Tues Oct 14

Rick Malo
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Well....one week from to morrow...our Hawaiian adventure starts.  Watched Hawaii Five 0 last


night...saw a bunch of places we will see in person next week.


Can hardly wait....hula...hula..hula


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